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Manual Expulsion System

Tekst 1

In collaboration with Melk-drive Genderen, Technico has developed the Milk & Go in order to stimulate cows leaving the milking robot immediately after having been milked. In this way the manuring of the robot is largely prevented. The Milk & Go has been especially developed so that it can be connected to a milking robot with a pneumatic system for the expulsion of the cows. The Milk & Go is not allowed to be used for other purposes.


1. The Milk & Go is dust proof and is resistant to water from high pressure cleaners as long as the housing remains closed. You can place the Milk & Go in the machinery room but also with the milking robot in the stable. Find a place near a power point and attach the Milk & Go against the wall with the screws and plugs supplied. (The cable length is about 10 metres and the net lead is approximately 50 cm).

2. Pull the black air hose, the black high-voltage wire and the green earth wire up to the place above the milking robot where the little wind hose was originally hanging. You may bundle the wires and lead them directly to the robot but they are not allowed to go
through the cable pipes of the milking robot. Make sure that the air hose is not squeezed whilst bundling.

Tekst 2
3. Check if the air pulse of the milking robot switches on when the exit gate has been open for about 8 seconds. The cow has to get the chance to leave the robot before the electric current pulse comes. Have this installed on the robot before you start using Milk & Go.
Tekst 3

4. Release the end of the air hose from the milking robot and connect it to the black air hose of the Milk & Go  with the delivered coupling

5. Pull the high-voltage wire off the red button of the Milk & Go and towards the wind point of the milking robot. Put the high-voltage wire at the spot where the original little wind hose was hanging before, in between the tubes, so that the end is pointing downwards. Strip the end of the high-voltage wire by approximately 1 cm and attach a piece of electric wire to it with the connector. This piece of electric wire must be long enough to touch the back of your smallest cow. The electric wire is not allowed to touch the robot.

Tekst 4
6. Hang the eye of the green electric earth connection around a M8 bolt (pointing upwards) situated on top of the milking robot, and screw it down firmly with the nut supplied. Clean the nut first so that the eye can make good contact with the robot frame.
Tekst 5

7. Put the plug in the power point.

8. Test the installation by preventing a cow from walking out of the robot after milking. If all is well the air pulse of the robot will be transformed into an electric current pulse and you will notice by the reaction of the cow. TAKE CARE, THE REACTION CAN BE VIOLENT.

9. After every air pulse from the robot there will be 4 to 5 current pulses. In case you shortened or lengthened the air hose when assembling, you have to regulate the valve again. You can increase or decrease the number of pulses by turning the needle of the valve inward or outward. At every current pulse the lamp on the transformer will flicker a little.

1 Milk & Go fully wired
4 plugs, screws to be attached
1 connector
1 metre of electric wire
1 manual
1 Metal Union conditions
1 CE declaration

The Milk & Go is a product made by Technico. Technico guarantees a sound working of the Milk & Go for a period of 6 months. The Metal Union conditions as enclosed are applicable